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San Juan Island’s Westcott Bay Shellfish Co

Updated May 2017

The 35 year old Westcott Bay Shellfish Company in the north of San Juan Island, once served their tasty bivalves all over the country. Over the years, the farm declined and was eventually put up for sale as a home site.

Erik and Andrea, who have deep roots in the San Juans and always loved visiting the farm, bought the run down place in 2013 and have worked very hard since to make it a working farm and tourist destination again. The couple has rebuilt the dock, added lovely new building, including a storefront and picnic tables.

Westcott Bay Oyster Farm on San Juan island


The couple started planting fresh beds of Manila Clams, Mediterranean Mussels and Pacific Oysters right away. Manila clams take three years to grow. 2016 was their first year of harvesting them. Pacific Oysters grow to size in just 18 months. The farm crew is tumbling them, with the help of a spanking new crane. It makes the oysters grow deep and plump as opposed to long and flat. Once a week, they’ll send a mussel to the Health Department in Olympia for testing. Mussels are an indicator species. If something is wrong, they get sick first and stay sick the longest. The Westcott Bay Shellfish have been delightfully healthy. Westcott Bay’s strong current makes shellfish grown here fresh and tasty. The farm is currently growing two million clams and one million oysters.

Visitors are welcome from Memorial Day through Labor Day, so the beds can rest during the slow growing Winter months.

Picnic at Westcott Bay Shellfish Farm on San Juan Island

On comfy tables by the water, you can shuck your own oysters, enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, have a fresh salad, crusty bread from the San Juan Bakery and delicious cheeses and charcuterie. Shucking knives, a quick tutorial & hot sauces are provided for free. Bring a cooler when buying shellfish to-go. There is ice for sale.

Fresh Oysters to go at Westcott Bay Seafood Farm on San Juan island

Or enjoy Westcott Bay shellfish at the Cask & Schooner, the Duck Soup, McMillen’s and at the Farmer’s Market.

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The staff is wonderful and the little extras

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