E.g., 2017-03-30

The staff is the heart of Bird Rock; they consistently renew their goal to be quietly helpful, efficient, and welcoming.  Past guests’ compliments about the staff on Trip Advisor are what make Bird Rock Hotel the highest rated hotel in Friday Harbor. 

Do you want a welcoming smile, help with special events, a thoughtful suggestion about activities?  Ask the hotel staff.  They will make it happen.  Ask the couple who decided to elope on San Juan Island and stay at Bird Rock.  On the morning they checked in, they mentioned to the desk staffer that they wanted to get married … that day.  They asked if the staffer knew of a minister that would perform the ceremony. 

She whole-heartedly took on the project; she could not find a minister, so immediately went on-line and became a certified marriage official.  She made plans for the wedding and dinner site, arranged for flowers, and handled other details.  It occurred to her that the couple would be alone, so she asked other staffers to be at the wedding to help celebrate.  All within a day.  It was a lovely wedding.

On the other hand, many travelers want a quiet stay, a retreat, a private time.  The staff understands this, and respects those needs.  But if you want help with experiencing the best of our enchanted island, ask the staff.  You’ll be glad you did.

"What a delightful place to stay!...

The staff is wonderful and the little extras

make it a comfortable place to stay."