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San Juan Island offers natural beauty, wild life, a taste of the arts, and other, not so obvious, charms.  Here is a quick list, but remember that the Bird Rock staff is available for more information:

Whale watching:  The Orcas migrate to the San Juan Islands for the summer.  Catch their show by boat  (whale watching outfitters abound), or by kayak if you want more adventure.  Or, just bike or drive down the west side, enjoying a view of Vancouver Island, and keep a watch for a pod or two of Orcas.  Our staff can recommend a number of outfitters.  Just ask.

Zip lining:  A craze that has gone from southern jungle to northern forest.  Enjoy the thrill and the beauty of a zip through the trees on eight individual runs..

Cycling:  Many bikers come to San Juan Island to explore its scenic roads, spot Orcas, visit art studios, or just to ride.  The island has only a couple of extended hills, so Bird Rock staff can help develop routes that are perfect for anyone. 

Walking and hiking:  Look for Sasquatch in the woods or just wander through idyllic forest trails. Islanders have developed many delightful trails.  Some trace the shoreline, others meander through forests or lead to historical sites. Check with the Bird Rock staff for suggestions.

Beach combing:  A serene morning of collecting stones or making driftwood sculptures might be a wonderful prelude to a relaxed picnic.  Enjoy the quiet susurration of the waves and think of lands far away.

Sculpture garden:  An extensive garden populated by whimsical creatures, modern art, and pieces that reflect island culture and environment beckons those who love art, as well as folks who love a serene walk. 

Roche Harbor:  Next to the sculpture garden is Roche Harbor resort, offering shopping, restaurants, a marina, and a glimpse at a by-gone age.  Teddy Roosevelt loved it, and it is easy to see why.  Don’t forget the beautiful gardens where you might be able to witness a fairy-tale wedding.

Wild (and other) life:  The eagles, ospreys, blue herons, swans, and song birds of all kinds can be found in the forests, bays, and beaches.  Deer abound, as do foxes.  You can sample the not-so-wild life at the alpaca farm, which has an alpaca clothing store, or visit Mona the camel.  She’s just across the road from the San Juan Vineyards on Roche Harbor Road and even has a wine named after her.  Step on in to the Vineyards’ tasting room and sample some while you are in the vicinity.

Horseback riding:  Take a short ride or explore a longer trail on one of the island ponies.  Or indulge in a lesson or two.

A taste of history:  The island is the scene of the infamous Pig War, which bloodlessly (except for the pig), settled the boundary between Canada and the US in the islands.  The Americans camped at the south end; the British at the north.  Some buildings remain, as do echoes from a time of a more civilized war.


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