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San Juan Island, Washington is a Pacific Northwest treasure. The Island and its cute town - Friday Harbor - are just a short distance from Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, B.C., yet San Juan Island is separated from the busy mainland by more than just the mesmerizing inland waterways of Puget Sound. Astonishing, beautiful, tranquil, majestic and unspoiled: San Juan Island feels worlds away, like a continent unto itself, with its own relaxed pace of life, its own culture of rugged outdoor fun, a cornucopia of island romance and a strong connection to nature and the arts.

The San Juan Islands even exist in their own uniquely sunny weather pattern. San Juan Island, WA gets sunshine nearly 250 days each year and only about half the annual rainfall of nearby Seattle. Near the center of the “rain shadow” cast by mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, San Juan Island is part of the sunshine coast in Puget Sound. The vacation you seek is here, under the San Juan Island sun, amongst the eagles and orcas; so close to home, so far from work.

Friday Harbor and San Juan Island provide a remarkably simple escape, serviced directly by the Washington State ferry system and easily accessible by car or plane from Seattle, Washington and Vancouver or Victoria, British Columbia. Once you’re on San Juan Island, as the ebb and flow of island life leaves you relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, you just might forget how easy it was to get here and find it unbearably hard to leave.

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