Bird Rock Hotel, San Juan Island, Washington
Bird Rock Hotel, San Juan Island, Washington

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10 Tips to make sure you get exactly what you want when booking a room

Our Bird Rock Hotel, one of the oldest hotels on San Juan Island, has 15 contemporary and distinct rooms. Some have two-person jetted tubs, some have a fire place, some have a harbor view. There are stairs to certain rooms and no elevator. Some rooms have an unusual layout, due to the building’s historic status and different expectations from guests over 100 years ago. While the interior has been completely remodeled with a modern flair, we’ve saved the bones working in sometimes tight spaces.  It’s a lovely, unique place, quite the opposite from a cookie cutter hotel. We thrive to give the best customer service and nothing pains us more than seeing our guests heart sink when we check them into their room.

So how do you make sure you get the room best fitting your needs?

  1. Check our Website

You’ll find tons of pictures, detailed room descriptions, current specials and an awesome travel blog. You can even take a virtual tour of our place.

Check our website even if you plan to book through a third party. Those convenient booking services just don’t have the space to provide the same room details and customer service that we do.

  1. Call Us – 800-352-2632

Wondering if we have hairdryers? Yes, we do, call us to find out what other bathroom amenities you’re hoping to leave behind. Wishing for a fresh bouquet of flowers or some Washington made chocolates in your room upon arrival? Call us. Want to book a spa treatment and a kayak tour? We’ll book that for you, just call us. Want to know more about your room? Call us. When in doubt, call us; we love to talk to you.

  1. Great Expectations

If you expect certain things and you don’t find them on our website or your confirmation letter, please ask specifically. For example: San Juan Island is a puppy paradise, but we here at the Bird Rock don’t allow pets (our sister hotel the Earthbox Inn & Spa does, though). Some guests from warmer climates assume there is air conditioning in every room. Due to our temperate climate and proximity to the ocean, most island hotels don’t offer A/C. We here at the Bird Rock have some rooms with A/C. Please ask us.

  1. Follow up on Special Requests

When we make your reservation and again shortly before your arrival, we follow up on all of your special requests. But just in case, let’s work on this together. If you need a fridge for a loved one’s medication or if you arrive after hours, if you requested a crib or champagne and 100 red roses, give us a holler. You already know how we love to hear from you.

  1. Double-check Dates and Room Details on Your Confirmation Email

If you are like me when looking for a place to stay, by the time you are booking, you have read so many hotel and room descriptions, that it’s easy to get places or dates mixed up. Are you starting your trip on a Tuesday in Munich, but actually arrive on a Wednesday in Seattle? Are your hotel and ferry reservations for the correct day? Take a moment and read through your confirmation letter to ensure everything looks right.

  1. The Right Place

We get inquiries from guests looking for a place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at least once a week. It has happened, that folks take the ferry to one of the other islands in our archipelago and wonder where our place is. We are located in the town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State…in the United States.Yes, we realize we’re closer to Victoria, British Columbia than to the mainland U.S. when you come here, you will be in the U.S., not Canada.

  1. Understand the Rates

Our room rates listed on the website and with third parties are before tax totals for one night and an occupancy of two adults. We don’t have resort fees or parking costs. Things which could change your nightly rate, beyond sales & lodging taxes, are extra person charges ($20 per night per persons three and older), adding a crib or futon ($10 per night) and add-ons like flowers, champagne, massages and whale watch tours.

  1. Book Early for the Best Deals

Our little place sells out fast, especially on weekends and during the Summer. Booking early not only ensures you get the room you really want, but we also often have specials rewarding early booking.

  1. Know our Cancellation Policy

Due to being on an island and therefore not getting a lot of people just strolling by and looking for a room, our cancellation policy is pretty strict, but fair. We process a 10% non-refundable deposit when you make a reservation. Your booking is non-cancellable within 10 days of your arrival. Make your reservation when you are certain you will come visit us. Let us know about concerns like an ill loved one, a spouse in active military or the weather when flying or boating over to us; we’ll try to work with you. And always call us immediately if your plans change. The earlier we know the better the chances we can re-sell your room or find different solutions.

  1. Ask for Upgrades at Check-in

We love to upgrade you to a bigger room, higher floor, room with a view. Please keep in mind, that we can’t always do so, because we are sold out or have rooms unavailable for other reasons, but we do if we can. We want to spoil and pamper you and will do everything in our power to make your stay unforgettable.

"What a delightful place to stay!...

The staff is wonderful and the little extras

make it a comfortable place to stay."