The rugged shoreline, wind-swept prairies, moss covered mountains with old-growth forest and breathtaking views makes San Juan Island a perfect place for both leisurely strolls and serious hikes Two National Historical Parks, a state and a county park and quite a few land preserves are yours to explore.

Read on for some of our favorite hikes!

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Hiking in our incredibly gorgeous State of Washington is its own reward. Every cell in your body gets energized, your heart is pumping and after an especially steep stretch, your body is flooded with endorphins, making you feel happy and giddy to be alive.

Then there is hiking on San Juan Island with its clean, salty air, tons of wildlife and beautiful surroundings. Just when you think, it can’t get any better than this with the eagles, the foxes and the wildflowers, you come around a corner with such a spectacular view, it might just take your breath away.

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As with most every other activity on San Juan Island, there are hikes to suit every mood and every activity level.  

Here are five of our favorite and exhilarating hikes. You can read more about them here.

  • Mt. Finlayson - 3.5 miles, round-trip loop
  • Mt. Young - 2.2 miles, back-tracking route
  • Mt. Grant - 1 mile, round-trip loop
  • Deadman Bay Preserve - 2.5 miles, round-trip loop
  • Cattle Point Lighthouse - however long you want
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