Getting to San Juan Island is not only easy but a breathtakingly beautiful journey in itself. A one to two hour crossing with the Washington State ferry from Anacortes, Washington, or a 45-minute stunning plane ride from Seattle, will reward with incredible views and maybe, just maybe, a sneak peak of an orca or humpback whale. 

The Bird Rock Hotel is located right downtown Friday Harbor, just 2 blocks from the Washington State Ferry Terminal and a mile away from the airport.  Don't worry, you can't miss us, Bird Rock Hotel is the big, three-storied, white building that looks like it just jumped out of the 19th century. Come on in and get comfy.

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By Car Ferry

The Washington State Ferry runs multiple trips daily all year round from Anacortes, Washington which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle, Washington.

Vehicle Reservations are strongly recommended if you are planning to bring your car to the island. Or consider leaving your car parked in Anacortes and walking on to the ferry. Passengers without vehicles don't need a ferry reservation.

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By Air

The 45-minute flight from Seattle to Friday Harbor is stunningly beautiful, more affordable than you might think and easily accessible from anywhere in Seattle, including Sea-Tac airport.

There are a number of different airlines offering service to San Juan Island. We recommend the following:

  • Kenmore Air which offers both sea planes and wheel planes coming in to either the airport or the harbor.
  • San Juan Airlines provides a cost-effective and efficient way to arrive on San Juan Island from Anacortes and Bellingham, Washington and Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Westwind Aviation which offers charter flights from just about anywhere in the Pacific Northwest as well as scenic tours once you are here.
  • Island Air also offers a custom, on–demand charter service based in Friday Harbor.
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Passenger Ferries and Shuttles

There are several seasonal, passenger-only (no vehicles) ferries available that travel from different parts of the state and bring you directly to Friday Harbor:

  • Clipper Vacations offer trips to San Juan Island departing from Downtown Seattle, Port Townsend, and the Olympic Peninsula. **Please note, this service is temporarily suspended**
  • The Puget Sound Express operates a passenger ferry from Puget Sound to Friday Harbor. 
  • Victoria San Juan Cruises offers rides from Bellingham to Friday Harbor and some lesser-known islands.

Alternatively, if you are traveling from Seattle, the Airporter Shuttle bus runs daily from various places around the city to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.


San Juan Island & Friday Harbor without a Car

Leaving your car in Anacortes and walking onto the ferry to Friday Harbor has so many advantages: You won’t need to make a reservation or show up an hour or two beforehand. Walking-on costs a fraction of driving-on. Once in Friday Harbor, you won’t have to deal with finding parking. Here's how to get around on San Juan Island without a car.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about San Juan Island

We San Juan Islanders love our island and we love to share this special place with our visitors.  And we especially love you to be well informed and totally excited about coming here and knowing what to expect when you get here. We have compiled answers to our lovely guest’s most frequently asked questions

10 Family Fun Things to do on San Juan Island in the Summer

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