5 Simple Lovely Date Ideas on San Juan Island

Posted on January 8, 2024

In February we here in the Pacific Northwest Washington get blessed with a little teaser of Spring, the first flowers of the season, days where the sun is actually warm, baby animals and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve just met or have been married for decades, going on a date, spending quality time together laughing and exploring, creates the foundation of knowing and understanding each other. Take a weekend trip to romantic San Juan Island and plan a fun date with your Sweetie.

Here are 5 unique San Juan Island date ideas, which won’t break the bank:

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  1. Sunset Picnic at Whale Watch Park

Grab a bottle of wine, a loaf of freshly baked bread and some local cheeses and charcuterie and head to Lime Kiln State Park, also known as the Whale Watch Park. Find your table by the lighthouse or above the cliffs and snack while the sun sets, the birds play and the seals feed. Maybe you’ll even see some Orcas!

San Juan Island, Washington
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  1. Museum & Gallery Day

Our cute coastal town of Friday Harbor, with its streets lined with restaurants, boutiques, galleries and museums, is completely walkable. Make a day of it and start at the Friday Harbor Whale Museum across the street from the Bird Rock Hotel. Stroll the nine galleries within three blocks of the ferry landing, make your way to the San Juan Islands Museum of Art and end in the fields of the San Juan Historical Museum, exploring historic buildings like the first county jail. Stop for appetizers, cocktails and desserts on your way and be inspired by the astonishing wildlife, local art and rich history our isle has to offer.

  1. Bonfire and Smoeres at South Beach

South Beach in American Camp National Historical Park is San Juan Island’s longest beach and the place to be at sunset. Make a bonfire in one of the fire rings and fix some smores while watching foxes, otters and sea lions, listen to the waves and breathe the clean air. The place is magic.


Friday Harbor, Washington
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  1. Bowling and Pizza

When was the last time you went bowling? Uncomplicated and old-fashioned, Paradise Lanes will remind you of the good old days. The pizza place is right next door.

  1. Bike to a Wine Tasting

Check out our complimentary Beach Cruiser bikes and take a ride through lush farmlands to San Juan Vineyards, three miles out of town. Try their delicious, island-made wines in their historic tasting room and bring a bottle of your favorite back to your room.

Bird Rock Hotel, Friday Harbor, WA
Bird Rock Hotel Washington