7 Tips on How to Plan an Unforgettable Baby Moon to San Juan Island

Posted on April 29, 2019

You’ve made it through the first three months and are starting to feeling good again. You’ve decorated the nursery and the baby shower is on the books. Now what? It’s time to plan your Baby Moon. Doctors and experts (as in: millions of women who have done this before you) agree: the best time to enjoy a Baby Moon is in the second trimester, after you conquered the morning sickness and before you are too round to move comfortably. They also agree on road trips being preferable to flying. How about a trip to gorgeous San Juan Island, only 65 miles and a beautiful ferry ride from Seattle? How about staying in the adorable coastal village of Friday Harbor, where you can do everything on foot? Let’s get planning:

Baby Moon Saltspring
  1. Where to Stay?

Our historic, 15-room Bird Rock Hotel is smack in the middle of downtown Friday Harbor, with restaurants, shops, boutiques and museums just a stone’s throw away. We serve a free, gourmet continental breakfast, so you’ve already got the most important meal of the day covered. If stairs are a challenge, stay in one of our roomy, daylight basement or ground floor suites. If you are on a budget, consider a European style room with a shared bath (we have four of those sharing two bathrooms and there is never a wait). Or how about a room on the top floor with a private deck and a view of the sailboats bobbing in the harbor? Contact us and together we’ll find the perfect room for you.

  1. Let us know

We get so excited when our guests have something to celebrate. Please let us know the reason for your visit, so we are ready for you with a tiny surprise and good advice on things to do.

  1. Medically Speaking

Tell your doc where you are going. Take comfort in the fact that we have a small hospital on San Juan Island, which while they don’t deliver babies (that’s right, all baby mommas have to go to the mainland to deliver), they deal with pregnant mom’s all the time. In case of an emergency, you are a one-hour via ferry from Anacortes and only 20 minutes via plane from Bellingham.

  1. Get Pampered

Head to our sister hotel, The Earthbox Inn & Spa, for a relaxing swim in the indoor, heated pool before treating yourself to a nurturing prenatal massage and a facial at the Spa. Feel well and connected, work out little aches and pains, improve your circulation get your energy flowing. Your baby is going to be so happy and your back is going to thank you!

Baby Moon  (Goat sandwich)
  1. Eat well

Food cravings?Friday Harbor has you covered. What do you have a hankering for today? Italian, Thai, a big local goat sandwich? Treat yourself to a romantic dinner at one of Friday Harbor’s cute Farm-to-Table Restaurants, serving delicious, healthy, island grown food.

  1. Shopping Therapy

Stroll Friday Harbor’s streets lined with eclectic boutiques, shops, galleries and museums and get yourself a souvenir worthy of your Baby Moon. Maybe a cute jumper from Ositos, the local baby clothing store, or a painting of Orca whales for above the fire place?

Baby Moon feet
  1. Be by the Sea

Get your blood pumping with a brisk walk on one of the island beaches. Bring a picnic and sit by the sea. Breathe. Listen. Watch seals and otters feed and Bald Eagles teach their young how to fly. Write a message to your child on the beach. Look into your partner’s eyes and be absolutely present.

Bird Rock Hotel Washington