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Wellness Weekend San Juan Island

The slower pace and peace of Winter on San Juan Island lend itself perfectly to an island getaway with a focus on rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Being intentional with your self-care will help you find your center and get you ready to face life’s storms with grace and gratitude. Give yourself the great gift of a wellness weekend on San Juan Island.


Spa & Pool Day at Earthbox Inn & Spa

Our fabulous sister hotel has not only a heated indoor pool, sauna, hot tub and exercise room which you, as a Bird Rock Hotel guest, may use for free, but also the most adorable on-site, full-service day spa, offering delightful massages, soothing body treatments and rejuvenating facials. Make a day of it.

Yoga at The Studio

Drop in on one of the fantastic yoga classes The Studio has to offer. You may also be interested in their amazing Pilates, barre or rowing classes. Maybe you’ll let faith decide or challenge yourself to something new?

Bird Rock Beach Cruisers
Take the Bird Rock Beach Cruisers out for a Spin!

Bike to San Juan Vineyard

If it’s nice out, take our free beach cruisers to San Juan Vineyard for a wine tasting.  The flat, six-mile-round-trip ride through serene farm fields will leave you exhilarated while a glass of red wine is said to make you live longer, protect against certain cancers, improve mental and heart health.

Breathtaking views from the top of Mount Young
Breathtaking views from the top of Mount Young


Mediate on Mount Young

The steep, three-mile-round-trip hike to the top of Mount Young in English Camp National Historical Park will reward with breathtaking views of all the other islands and set the mood for a mindful mediation on top with the soft moss as your yoga mat.

Truly Unplug

It is remarkably easy to unplug on San Juan Island. We here at the Bird Rock Hotel don’t offer in-room phones for starters. Cell reception outside of Friday Harbor is spotty, making putting your phone on airplane mode logical and likely cheaper as you may be charged for international roaming if your phone picks up the Canadian cell towers. If you have family or business matters that you need to attend to try setting a screen time limit for yourself each day. For the rest of the time, be present and enjoy the company of the real people around you.

Read an Inspiring Book

Check out the “Island Authors” section at the Earthbox Inn & Spa gift shop or browse Griffin Bay Books for a book that catches your eye. Learn something new, escape into a marvelous story or get inspired by somebody’s way to overcome. Read before bed instead of watching TV.


Get Sun on Your Face

How? In February in Washington State, you may ask. Well, San Juan Island sits in the Olympic Rain Shadow and enjoys over 247 sunny days per year. On cloudy days it often clears up in the afternoon. Go to South Beach or the Whale Watch Park and soak up some rays before enjoying the sunset.

Find your Creative Passions

With an open mind go visit the Creative Passions arts and craft store in Friday Harbor and see what tickles you. Maybe you’ll want to take one of their painting classes or buy scrap-booking stuff and head to a cozy café. Creating promotes brain function and well-being. Allow yourself to be a little artsy without judgement on your getaway.

Lum Farms Goat Sandwich with crispy leeks, watercress, jalapeno aioli & a side of mixed greens at the Cask & Schooner
Lum Farms Goat Sandwich & a side of mixed greens at the Cask & Schooner

Eat Healthy

So easily done on an island without any fast food chains. Almost every restaurant in Friday Harbor offers some local, fresh fare from sea and land. One of our favorites is the Cask & Schooner, a maritime themed public house serving healthy, local food made from scratch. Equally important to what you eat is how you eat it. Eat slow, think about what went into your meal, who grew or caught it, who prepared it. Be thankful and savor.

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