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Bird Rock Hotel Travel Blog

Welcome to the Bird Rock Hotel Blog! We are located in beautiful Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and our blog brings you the latest news, insider tips and ideas on what to do on San Juan Island.

Posted on Mar. 12, 2021
Sea Lions and Mt Baker by Maya's Legacy Whale Watching Charters

Pristine San Juan Island, a mere 65 miles north of Seattle, is a haven for wildlife at sea and on land alike.  The iconic Orca and impressive Humpback whales along with the mighty Steller sea lions make the waters around San Juan Island their home. The island lies within the Pacific Coast Flyaway, which extends from Alaska to South America, making it a popular stop for migratory birds, like the majestic Trumpeter Swans or a waterdance of Loons. Spring is a marvelous time to see bald Eagles teaching their young how to fly, baby foxes frolicking on the prairie and baby seals waiting absolutely still on a rock waiting for their Mom to come back from dinner hunting.


Posted on Feb. 11, 2021

During the longest year on record (2020) I took to entertaining my foodie family with themed dinners & tastings. We missed our weekend getaways to San Juan Island the most, so I tried to get my hands on island made ingredients and goodies to bring a bit of the island home and support our people there. This turned out to be easy and so much fun. If you are longing for San Juan Island fare from afar or you are blessed with a visit to paradise, here are the island tastes not to miss.

Posted on Nov. 16, 2020
San Juan Islands Sculpture Park

On the north end of San Juan Island, nestled along beautiful Westcott Bay, find the 20-acre San Juan Islands Sculpture Park. Fun for the entire family, dog friendly, open year-round and free (please consider a donation to this lovely place) the place eloquently combines San Juan Island’s stunning nature and its deep love for the arts.

Posted on Oct. 20, 2020
Lime Kiln Lighthouse on Beautiful San Juan Island

It had been 10 months since our last, well, anything really. Seeing friends, sleeping in a hotel, eating out. We wanted a break, but not endanger ourselves and others. Our getaway needed to be close (but not too close, I longed for not hearing traffic), easy to plan and feel very very safe. That’s how San Juan Island made the cut.


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